We're more than just cigars! Come visit us! We love company! 1903 White Mountain Highway, North Conway, NH

Bring your friends to North Conway, NH for some serious shenanigans!

Come meet our general manager in person!

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When you realize they've turned you into a tap handle...

Rules are for fools. (Usually.)

A word to the wise(guys)!

This is a trial run! Please, please, please forgive any glitches! We're doing our best--while still trying to provide amazeballs customer service to our guests and simultaneously play with Remi--and retrieve tennis balls out from under the couches! (We're very well-trained.)


Questions you think we might be able to answer?

(For any math-related questions, do NOT get on the phone with Penny.)

Call us at 603-307-1036 or email us CigarShenanigans@gmail.com