1400cc 1874 Series 601 7-20-4 7204 88 888 A ACID ACID Blue ACID Gold ACID is an acronym ACID Purple ACID Red ACID Yellow AF is the official unit of measurement at Cigar Shenanigans Aganorsa Aganorsa Leaf Amazon Basin Ambition American Bulldog Anaconda Ancho Corto Ancho Largo Anniversary Anthropology AnthropologyCranium Aquitaine Atlatl Available in black and tan Avarice Awesome backstory AWS BA Baka barberpole Being from Connecticut doesn't mean you get a discount on CT wrapper cigars Benediction Black Irish Black Label Black Label Trading Company Black Works Studio BLK WKS BLOC Blockhead Blondie Blondie Belicoso Blondie Gold Blondie Red BLTC Bon Chasseur Bonus Round Boondock Boondock Saint Bradford Brazilian Brazilian Arapiraca Brazilian Mata Fina Breach of the Peace Breuil Brick House Bride of Chuckie Brotherly Kindness bumpah stickah But not a Black and Tan because that won't travel well. But we'd still pay it for this. C-Note Cameroon candela CAO Casa Fernandez Cervantes Fino Cervantes Finoel American CFW chapeau--just to make it fancy Charity Churchill Cigar Coop Cigar of the Month Cigar Shenanigans Cigars for Warriors Cindy Saka is a saint. Classic closed foot Coffee-infused Colada Cold Infusion Connecticut Connecticut broadleaf Connecticut Shade Connecticut wrapper cool dudes Corojo Corojo 99 Corona Corona gorda Corona Grande Corona Larga Costa Rican Cranium Crazy Alice Crema criollo CroMagnon Crowned Heads CT Broadleaf DE Deadwood Debonaire Cigars Deliverance Diamond Crown Dion Giolito Discount code hidden on the Facebook page! Dissident Do you like my hat? I do not. Good-bye. Good-bye. dogs! Dogwalker Dogwalker 5-pack Dominican Dominican Republic Don't smoke the outer leaf donation donations Double robusto Double-wide Belicoso Drew Estate DT&T Dulce Dunbarton E.P. Carrillo E660 EC Ecuadorian Connecticut Ecuadorian Habano Ecuadorian Sumatra Ecuadorian Sun Grown El Gueguense Elegante en Cedros EMH Emilio Ending sentences with a preposition since 1966 Envy EnvyIntrigue Epernay Epoch Erik Espinosa Escuro Esteli Exclusivo external article Extra Ordinary Larry Ezra Zion Fabrica Oveja Negra Factory 57 Faith Fat Bottom Betty Figurado Fino Largo Formerly and sometimes still known as the Monthly Mystery Sampler Foundation Four Kicks Full Full AF fuller than full Fuma em Corda Gagger Gagger is a hot dog gift card gift certificate gift certificates Gift pack Glassware golf shirt Good hunter Goodness Gordita Gordo Gordo Gordo Gran toro Gran Bufalo Gran Imperiales Gran Toro Grand Toro Green Hornet Grimalkin Guardian Habano Hahaha not extraordinary Half Churchill Hamilton hats Here's some learnin' Herrera Esteli Hi Yvonne! Home Honduran Honduras HTF Humility Hustler I've been looking for these! If you know Illusione Industry Infused inkblots are fun Intemperance Interesting tidbit Intrigue It pays to read the tags It's not easy being green J Grotto James Brown (not the singer) JC Newman Jefferson Kato KFC Killer Bee kind of firecracker Knuckle Dragger KnuckleDragger Krush Gold Krush Morado Krush Red Kuba Kuba Kuba Kurt Kendall L458 La Bomba LA MUSA Lancero Laranja Last Rites Lawless LE Le Monde Leaf Liga Liga Privada Like unwrapping the best gift ever Limited Limited Edition limited release Linear Cap Liquid little fella Londres Lonsdale Love it or hate it Made in DR maduro Majestic 12 mandible Mastodon Maximus McFarlane Med-Full Medium Medium plus Medium-full Mexican Mi Querida Miami Mighty Mighty mild Mild-Medium Mode 5 Monster Montecristo Monthly Mystery Sampler Morado means purple in Spanish Muestra de Saka Mule Kick Muy Gordo Grande Nacatamale Nacatamale is fun to say! Name the book and get 5% off your order Named after a lake Nasty NBK Neanderthal Negra NEW! Nica Rustica Nicaragua Nicaraguan Nick Melillo NLMTHA No discounts because I am not made of money No discounts so don't even ask No dogs required to smoke this cigar Nomad Not pronounced googeneese Now Leave Me the Hell Alone nub Oliva One One of our faves one of these looks suspiciously lancero-esque OneOff Original Documents Oscar is a cool dude IRL Oscar Valladares oscuro Oveja Negra Oveja Negra means Black Sheep Oveva Negra P555 Papa Joe Paul Joyal Pequeno Pequeno Perfecto Pestera Muierilor Petera Muierilor Petit Corona Petit robusto Petite Corona Petite Lancero Petite Panatela Phil Zanghi pigs Plan MJ Portuguese for dark Portuguese for orange Premium Cigar Prettiest band ever Pronounced wah-wen-say Pyramide Read the text! Red Army Men Reserva Revenge Rhode Island Right here in NH Roam Roam around the world Roam if you want to Robusto Robusto Largo Robusto Plus RoMa Craft Rorschach is difficult to type Rosado rothschild Royalty Sabre Tooth Saka Sakasquatch Salvation sampler San Andreas Secret discount! Shenanigans gear Short & Fat Short Churchill Short robusto Sin Compromiso Sixty Skinny Monster Slobberknocker smoky as a MF Soapbox Sobremesa Social Distancing Special Suave Sumatra Sungrown Super Fly SWAG Sweet Jane T52 T650 Tabak TABSA Tats tatuaje the gift that keeps on giving until you use it ip The one with the black band the orange one The price makes us LOL too The red one Tiff Tin tins Toast Top 10 of 2017 Toro Toro Toro Torpedo Torpedo Tiempo Trilogy triqui traca Undercrown Unicorn unless they are revealing Vanity Virtue Wafe Warped Washington We use this to ward off Karens. What all the cool shenanigators drink from What the best-dressed shenanigators are wearing Whiskey Rebellion White Horse without compromise you know Yummy bitches