This Trilogy features a noteworthy tobacco.  From

Unlike traditional tobacco plantations where the plants are arranged in neat rows, these seeds are planted wherever there is available sunlight. Once harvested, the leaves are rolled by hand into tubes called carottes and undergo six months of natural fermentation, a technique similar to that of Andullo tobacco. Once fermented, it takes four to six weeks to get them from forest to factory, a process that involves being hand carried to the river, put into canoes and rowed to the mainland, then driven to the port and shipped to Nicaragua where they are made.

You'll receive one each of the following, each of which incorporates the Brazilian From the CAO website: CAO Amazon Basin tastes as exotic as the tropical rainforest from which it originated. Grown in a remote region in the Amazon Rainforest, CAO Amazon Basin uses a rare tobacco called Braganca that is organically grown on unspoiled tropical land and harvested only once every three years. The Braganca leaf is thoughtfully surrounded by tobaccos from five different countries, giving you a smoking experience unlike any other.  

You'll receive one each of the following cigars, all of which feature Bragança tobacco:


Size Matters: 6 x 52

Wrapper: Ecuadoran Sumatra
Binder: Nicaraguan
Filler: Dominican Republic, Colombian, Brazilian Braganca

Birthplace: Nicaragua

Strength: Medium-Full



Size Matters: 5 x 50

Wrapper: Honduran Corojo

Binder: Cameroon

Filler: Brazilian, Honduran, Nicaraguan

Birthplace: Nicaragua

Strength: Medium-Full



Size Matters: 6 x 52

Wrapper: Brazilian Bahiano Habano Ligero

Binder: Nicaragua

Filler: Brazil (Bragança & Fuma Em Corda), Colombia & the Dominican Republic

Birthplace: Nicaragua

Strength: Full