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Permanent Vacation by Nomad


Sold in 5-packs only. 

From the Nomad website:

Permanent Vacation is one smooth operator. 

The tobacco in Permanent Vacation is ancient. I felt like Indiana Jones finding this stuff buried in various aging barns. (And I promptly bought the hat and whip on Amazon.)

The richness and smoothness of this blend is completely euphoric. 

I really got nuthin' more to say. When you smoke it, you'll understand.

Permanent Vacation is a 6x46 skinny toro. Tobaccos are from Nica, Ecuador, and Indo. Wrapper is 99 Corojo Rosado.

Full-bodied. Medium-strength. All tobaccos aged b/n 10-14 years.

1st 3rd: milk chocolate, hazelnut, heavy whipping cream, red pepper flakes, white oak wood, aged leather, dark roasted coffee

2nd 3rd: hot caramel, Madagascar vanilla bean, black peppercorn, hot cocoa, clove, molasses, aged tobacco (yes that's it's own flavor)

3rd 3rd: espresso and cream, sugar cone, Tootsie Roll, cinnamon, chocolate brownies

It's a first-class ticket to Flavor Country, amigo.

Total Permanent Vacation Production: 330